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Cannoissseur.club is a page for Cannabis lovers, we provide in depth strain reviews, tutorials and articles all diving into the wonderful world of Marijuana! We believe that cannabis has a great role to play in society today as it has done for humanity over the Millennia. Not only is this great creation a wonderful recreational vocation, there are many uses for the plant itself. Hemp fibre is one of the softest, yet strongest fibres we have. It replaces nitrogen in soil during its life cycle making it a great addition to agricultural crop rotation and so on! Just like Coconut oil & bi-carbonate of Soda, it has many useful and Ecological properties.

On this page you can expect to find information regarding Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains of Cannabis. Tutorials are available with knowledge from the elders, such as ‘How to clean a bong’ and ‘Making a Mini Hamlet Blunt’! All very useful to know if your a 4/20 fan!

The author of the subject has been smoking for nearly 20 years, so, safe to say he’s experienced in the arts of Spliff’s, Buckets, Hot Knives, Bongs, Blunts and Bubblers! With the Globe on the brink of legalisation, now seems a right time to share my fondness for this plant with you all.

If you have a review or an article about Cannabi you would like publishing, send it into myarticle@cannoisseur.club for your chance to have it put up on Cannoisseur.club. For anything else please feel free to contact us here info@cannoisseur.club

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The Micro Bong

This Bong has been my go to for years! I have a perculator 2 teir bong, still this little gem packs a great punch. It's also tough, as all smokers know this is a must with glass Bongs. But, if it does break, it's cheap and easy to replace.