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Sativa or Indica

This is a question posed by every emerging and veteran smoker on many occasions, do I want a Sativa, Indica or, to confuse matters even more do I want a hybrid! Now, if this is your first read into this area of cannabis, you need to know the basics. Some of which we will cover below. Each strain of cannabis has its own unique combination of psychoactive & none psychoactive chemical compounds, THC & CBD being two of the most heard of. The mix of these compounds effects the high the plant gives you, whether its an energetic high like a Lemon Haze, or a deep couch lock like the UK’s famous Cheese strain!

Sativa strains are more likely to be associated with an energetic, cerebral high that will leave you buzzing with energy. Whereas Indica’s are associated with a more sedative, body stoned and stereotypical ‘laziness’ of a cannabis user. Both are used for different medical and recreational uses. As well as psychoactive differences, the plants bare physical differences when they’re growing, Indica plants are usually shorter and stockier than the sativas. Indicas also have broader, deeply serrated leaves with a compact and dense flower cluster.

Another lesser embellished joy of Cannabis is its nasal attributions. The aromas of his plant are especially pungent, you will find any cannabis user walking into a plantation would likely take in the deepest breath they could and revelling in its complex scents and flavours. Terpenes are responsible for the aromas of Cannabis strains. These are made up off around 120 compounds that are mostly volatile terpenes and sesquiterpenes:

  • - α-Pinene
  • - Myrcene
  • - Linalool
  • - Limonene
  • - Trans-β-ocimene
  • - α-Terpinolene
  • - Trans-caryophyllene
  • - α-Humulene, contributes to the characteristic aroma of Cannabis sativa
  • - Caryophyllene, with which some hashish detection dogs are trained

Over the years smokers will develop a taste for certain qualities like flavour, scent and high. Much like wine connoisseurs, over time, people develop into Cannoisseurs. In a world full of popular strains, rare strains and even mythical ones. It’s a world to be enjoyed and savoured. Whether your smoking an Indica to settle at night or a Sativa to help with that extra work load, there is a strain for it, and more importantly a strain for you.

The Cannoisseur's Pipe

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The Cannoisseur's Bong

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To legalise, or not to legalise?

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The Micro Bong

This Bong has been my go to for years! I have a perculator 2 teir bong, still this little gem packs a great punch. It's also tough, as all smokers know this is a must with glass Bongs. But, if it does break, it's cheap and easy to replace.