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How to clean your Glass Bong

How to clean a Bong? Cleaning Glass Bongs is a fine art, and one to be mastered if you want to avoid a mouth full of resin after a good toot from your favourite bubbler! After a few more years than I care to admit of smoking this most wonderful herb, I have tried many ways to clean my Bongs. Some have ended in misery, such as when I tried to clean my plastic bong with nail varnish remover! Yes, I may have been high. (It shatters by the way). Needless to say, I have only ever bought Glass Bongs since then, and, mastered the art of Bong cleaning. Please read on;

Cleaning your Bong needn't be a chore. I have found a great way to get your old faithful back to (nearly) new. Not only is it an effective technique, it is cheap, quick and easy. It removes nearly 100% of the resin from your bong chamber, leaving only a few resin spots at the most.
For this you will need:

  • (1)Paper Towels (Kitchen or Toielt)
  • (2)Nail Varnish Remover (Acetone)
  • (3)Rice (Any)

I tend to prefer a good, durable Kitchen towel, toilet tissue works, but does not last long at all! Any brand of Acetone based Varnish Remover will work for this. When using Acetone, remember to do this either outside, or in a well ventilated area! Again, any type or brand of rice will work for this elaborate technique, its purely to act as an abrasive to help remove the resin from the glass. You can add each of these products to your Amazon bag below.

#1 Your first step is to remove the stem and bowl from the bong, then empty any delightful bong water down the drain. Watch out for little nasty resin nugz in your sink, a good approach is to try and pour the bong water directly down the drain, taking anything else in the chamber with it!

#2 Get some rice ready, you want to pour the rice into the chamber to around ½ way, this is the abrasive to remove the resin. It also does not react with Acetone making it the perfect component. Before the next step, open some windows or take the Bong outside, get your paper towels ready. You want the paper towels to be the right sizes for blocking each of the holes up. When the paper towels are ready, move on to the next step

#3 Here, you will need your Nail Varnish Remover and some good ventilation. Pour the Acetone into the bong via the easiest route, usually down the mouth piece. Fill this up until it covers the rice by around 1cm or there about. You want enough liquid in there to clean the resin off, but also enough room to allow the liquid some movement.

#4 Nearly there, your fourth and final step involves blocking off the holes in the bong with your pre made paper towel plugs. Then shake the liquid and rice around the chamber and the rest of the bong, try to make it as abrasive as possible. But keep in mind the paper will become saturated and possible start to fall out. Once you’ve done this a few times there's no doubt you’ll see a difference right away. Poor the rice and Acetone away safely, as advised in your country of residence, repeat if needed. Finally give the Bong good rinse, dry it off and there you have it. There’s no doubt in my mind your bong hasn't looked that sharp in years!

So, there you have it. My experience is your new method. It works, and works well! Only a couple of things to heed, Nail Varnish remover may also remove paint or decorations so try to keep it inside the bong and this method is for glass products only!

The Micro Bong

Highly recommended! This Bong has been my go to for years, out of all my Bongs, this little gem packs a great punch with minimal effort to the lungs. It's also tough, as all smokers know this is a must with glass Bongs. But, if it does break, it's cheap and easy to replace.

The best Nail Varnish remover (Acetone)

Out of all my years using this method I have tried a fair few brands, all of which have had varying results. The brand that has served me the best is 'Pure Acetone'. It’s cheap and effective, perfect for the job of removing resin from the darkest areas if your bong.

Strong Kitchen Towels

There are many types of kitchen towel, you could even use toilet paper if you need to. However, there is one brand of kitchen towel I have found perfect for this role. ‘The Cheeky Panda’ Kitchen towels are perfect, its tough and absorbent, this means that when taking on the Acetone, it will stay well in place when your shaking your bong during the cleaning method.


You can use any rice, brown, white, basmati, Thai it really doesn't matter too much. I do prefer to use ‘Biona’ Sushi rice though. It’s perfect for getting into some the more intricate nooks and crannies that bongs can have.